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Sébastien Del Grosso Combines Sketches And Digital Photography For Incredible Hybrid Portraits

Del Grosso’s playful composites combine drawing and photography with whimsical yet realistic results — think an adult take on “Harold and the Purple Crayon." In an email to the Huffington Post, Del Grosso cited Ben Heine as an inspiration, whose work we also admire. (See examples here and again here.)

Unlike Heine, however, Del Grosso prefers to engage with the facts. “In my series,” he writes, “I try to present things in a realistic way, as if my sketches had given birth to reality.”

(Source: asylum-art)

Ok guys, hear me out. I don’t usually do this but hear me out. The other day in a conversation with a male friend I found out that a lot of young boys consider rape because they don’t realise the damaging effect it has. And this doesn’t just affect boys. It affects all genders- anyone can rape or be raped but that isn’t addressed in school.
So I figured if people were better educated in school about rape and what it is, this might change. And I found this petition.

I’d really appreciate if you would sign this. If in our world, even the decent people have considered rape, what hope do we have unless this changes?

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